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Lord O flies 4th quarter

Lord of the Flies Quarter 4
Author: William Golding
By David Lowe
Skeletal Plot:
1. Ralph, piggy and samneric are the only “biguns” left, they all decided to claim they had nothing to do with killing Simon
2. Jack and his tribesmen come at night and steal piggy’s glasses to make a fire
3. The four boys still outside Jacks tribe go to reclaim the glasses
4. They confront the Tribe, Jack and Ralph fight
5. Piggy starts talking, Roger started throwing rocks at piggy, one hits him dead on the chin and then his knee, knocking him sideways off the ground and down 40 feet onto a rock.
6. They chase off Ralph and the Twins are captured
7. The twins, forced into the tribe, talk to Ralph who snuck up while they were on lookout, they warn him the tribe will search for him in the morning and Roger is ruthless. Ralph tells them he’ll hide in a thick thicket
8. Ralph hides in the thicket, the tribe beat out of the twins where he was hiding, and to flush him out they ignite the thicket.
9. Ralph runs for his life
10. Ralph reaches a beach where a Naval Officer is, the tribe is chasing him still, the Naval officer sees it is grim, asks what happened, he finds out that Piggy and Simon were killed, all the boys break into tears.

The tribe vs. Ralph and Piggy, then Ralph vs. the tribe, then Ralph vs. pointy sticks and fire

The setting has to do with the far side of the island, and from the deaths and ominousness of the land sticking out of the island it creates a sense of despair and impending doom.

Ralph, we learn that if there is something he dislikes or doesn’t want to remember he will tend to block it out, claiming he wasn’t there when Simon was killed or just not thinking about piggy being killed.

Piggy, became very uneasy and afraid when his glasses were snatched, he used Ralph as a safety person by having him around and asking for his help whenever he was upset.

Jack, less important in this quarter Jack simply turned into a power hungry fool, commanding everyone to do what he wanted them to.

Roger, makes more of an impact in this quarter, at first he was throwing rocks at piggy meaning to miss, but after when he was shaken he said he meant to hit that time, likely getting a thrill out of it, he becomes more aggressive and more ruthless.

Still 3rd person point of view, still allowing for the writer to give well described surroundings, and to tell the reader what different people are thinking some times.

Notable Writing styles:
Personification is used, “The Sea breathed again in a long slow sigh,”
Lots of visual imagery such as “the water boiled white and pink over the rock;”
The vocabulary is more normal and almost never uses anything abnormal.
The novel is structured around Ralph living and being on his own at this point, just attempting to live.
The dialogue in this quarter is normal and never uses words not used in the Americas.

Peace and War
Sense of Self
Good and Evil

Personal Response:
The Novel ended well, the last quarter was filled with despair and was able to relay it to the reader well, though it still wasn’t relate able, after all, I have never been chased through an island by savages. However, the story was able to relay its feelings well, and the boys taking the places of different themes of sorts, Ralph as Civil civilization, and the tribe as Anarchism, and an image of the t

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