Thursday, 14 June 2012

Lord O Flies tie in Horror

Lord of the flies Tie in the Horror the Horror
by David Lowe

Pain, suffering, hate, anger, the mysteries of night, and that which may lurk with in; within the darkness and the heart of men. By using the darkness of night and the darkness in the souls of people the Lord of the Flies is able to be so breathtakingly horrific, people are left gasping for breath like the lone boy who was surrounded, locked in a bush about to burn him alive with sharp wooden sticks ready to skewer him as he ran out. Although Lord of the Flies is not like any of the modern day horror books or films, William Golding was able to bring the horror out from the hearts of men, like the heart of darkness managed. The brutal yet believable actions of the young boys in the Lord of the Flies would leave anyone screaming “oh the horror the horror” while running from the swarm of painted boys. Blood had gushed from many of the now simple minded boys by the end of Lord of the Flies, blood and hate with death from some. That such young boys could kill piggy so that he “fell forty feet and landed on his back across that square, red rock in the sea” (Lord of the Flies 201) and think simply that an annoying obstacle had been removed is simply a darkness in a heart that has been fermenting into a fine wine of hate. The darkness within the heart is a mystery, how it got there, why it exists and if it be removed are all problems that have been forgotten by some, but not all. Why the darkness that exists in the heart of men is a question, likely never to be answered, but regardless the horror, hate and confusion in Lord of the Flies is a strong wine, that the boys on that island drank their age, and became drunk with the alcohol of pleasure within it.

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