Thursday, 7 June 2012

Quote Response

Lord of The Flies and "The Horror, The Horror!"
By: Brennen McCleary
         The quote "The Horror The Horror" relates extremely well to the book "Lord of The Flies" by William Golding because "Lord of The Flies" is about a group of British boys who become stranded on an island and resort to savage like behavior to survive. this is shown when a boy called Jack and his hunters become so obsessed with killing a wild pig that they miss a possible chance to make it off there island. The quote "The Horror The Horror" represents hardships, difficulties and all in all  horrific and crazy things. This ties in very well with the theme of the book because as the book goes on the kids become more and more savage and they start to do horrific things, not only to pigs and other animals but to other kids in the group as well. It gets so bad that kids end up dying and only a few make it off the island. By the time the kids are rescued they have done some horrific things and all in the name of surviving.      

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