Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Represent a key scene


He walks towards me
Looking over the children like the years crops
He passes many without a second glance
As he passes their hope is stolen by him
They stand there in shock
Empty shells of the boys they were just seconds ago
He passes boys with deformities abandoned by their parents
He glances at them then turns away in disgust
As he gets closer i become more and more nervous
Like a dog waiting for his master to come home
My hands are a swamp of sweat and grime
My stance always shifting
Will i be good enough?
Will i pass his test?

This poem is about being chosen by an adopting parent. This relates to The good thief because Ren was in an orphanage for most of his life and was not adopted for many years before Ben came along. The poem is written from the perspective of an orphan waiting in line with the rest of the orphan boys to be looked over my an adopting parent. This does not have to be Ren thinking this it could be any of the boys in the line but most of them will be thinking the same thing. I chose this scene because this is really the start of Rens adventure and he thinks back to this moment many times during the book. I find that this is also an easy thing to write poetry about since i would imagine that there would be a flood of thoughts in an orphans mind at this point.

By Logan Ellison

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