Thursday, 7 June 2012

Quater #3 yahhhh budddy

Quartering the text #3
Bryan Taylor

Skeletal plot:
  1. The boys go up to the top of the mountain and see a monster or beast
  2. The boys make an agreement to go hunting for the beast/monster but it is late and getting very dark
  3. Jack leaves the group
  4. They are scared of the monster so they stay down by the beach
Conflict: Person vs Person
Explanation: Jack does not want to be in the group anymore so he leaves and starts his own “tribe”

Setting: The setting is still on the island where they have yet to be rescued

Characters: All of the characters are round and dynamic expect for piggy he stays.
Ralph: Ralph when at the start his main goal was being saved, now he understands it will not be very likely he will be getting saved.
Jack: Jack is way more aggressive and leaves the group.
Piggy: He is worried that if Ralph steps down what will happen if Jack takes over.

POV: 3rd person/limited omniscient: Still get see everyone's opinion on Ralph being the leader.

Power: Ralph having the power and Jack wanting it

Jealousy: Jack wants the power from Jack but Ralph refuses to give him it.

Hopeless: Ralph understands that getting saved will probably not happen and he is getting very hopeless on the island.

Personal Response: I think getting saved is no longer possible, i think that they will end up getting split up against each other and having tribes. I think Jack will run one and Ralph will run the other. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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