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Lord of the Flies Quarter 4

Lord of the Flies Quarter 4

Author: William Golding

skeletal plot

  Ralph and Piggy were bruised and they were too upset to worry about the death of Simon because everyone except Sam and Eric was left them.

  By letting the boys believed the monster was dead according to the death of Simon, Jack won the power he wanted, he suggested the boys to make fire by stealing the glasses of Piggy while Piggy and Ralph were sleeping, what he did was in order to keeping his power.

  Ralph wanted his power back and he decided to give it a shot to find the boys of Jack's tribe.He found Sam and Eric who are tortured to be a part of Jack's army.They gave Ralph food but refuse to go back to him.

  As Jack and Ralph fight, Piggy wanted to use the conch to remind the boys the importance of rules and being rescued, but he was attacked by the stone from Roger and he fell down from the edge, he died.

  Go through all different kinds of hidings,Ralph went to the beach desperately, but fortunately met a captain from the sea, he and the boys have been rescued and they cry for what they suffered.

One way , Ralph wants to protect himself from the track. In another way that he wants to get his power back, but it is obvious that there is no chance for him to go back to before.

Setting: Simon and Piggy died and Ralph is alone now. Ralph vs the boys .

Characters :
Ralph: desperate, lonely
Roger: savagery
Jack: savagery
Sam&Eric: desperate, tortured

3rd person omniscient. It tells the story from all point of views, not just from one head.

style& structure
simile:Ralph took an uncertain step,pointed to a palm tree, and whispered something inaudible to Piggy; and they both giggled like Sam.

'The fire – rescue'
'Who'll join my tribe?'
'I will.'
'I will.'
'I 'll blow the conch,'said Ralph breathlessly,'and call an assembly.'

Desperate help

What happened to Ralph is a tragedy, not because himself, but because of the dark side of the boys.When hope comes from the edge of despair, from the last moment that people want to give everything up, I have no idea that how do they recognize the the difference between hope and despair.

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